Three Boundaries

︎ 2020
︎ inflatable, faux stone plinth
︎ Bridgehead Art Studio
︎ Banqiao, Taiwan

An administrator of the lands has defined various borderlines as the methods for administration due to property. These boundaries are prone to change with different governments. In 1855, the prominent Lin family of Banqiao and the local elites fundraised to build a castle for defense, which was for protecting private properties. During the Japanese colonial period, the edges of the castle became a method of administration. In the KMT-led Republic of China government period, they transformed into today’s borderlines.

Nowadays, people have a different perspective on living boundaries due to the rise of the Internet and changing of governments, such as Google Maps and democratic governments. Additionally, each citizen has their own definition of the living areas, just like the Fuzhong area around the MRT Fuzhong station, which doesn’t have strict divisions, only coming from the tacit agreement.

The artists aim to discuss these boundaries, which have changed over time and ruling governments. They made an inflatable installation in the shape of a Google map point to present the obscure boundaries in people’s minds about the “ Fuzhong “ area and the definition of boundaries today.