The Boundary

︎ 2021
︎ 3D modeling
︎ Taipei, Taiwan

The way of 3D modeling is different from the form and body senses to the sculpture or painting. It extends the notion of the “division” between objects, spaces, and feelings. With body experience in virtuality, I try to reinterpret the “ exclude from self” / “inner self”; the “boundary’’ regardless of whether it can be defined or not. Just like facing any object, relationship, or person, No matter of reality, imagination, or memory, there is always a “frame” for distinguishing and recognizing things. It is also like making any artistic creation, always with the artist’s subjectivity interpretation. Chiang Ming-Chun attempts to create a perceptual boundary with a virtual modeling method.

︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎“Photo Album” utilized photos from the past as a reference prototype, from family photos to personal memories. Overlapping solid curves each on the other, constructing a frame of memory.