︎ 2022
︎ light interactive installation, LED lights, metal
︎ Bridgehead Art Studio
︎ Taoyuan, Taiwan

Drawing inspiration from the curatorial concept of the festival, the work contemplates on the symbolic relationship between the environment and life, and in the form of a fable and a prediction, unfolds an interdisciplinary art performance based on women and the earth as the text.

The artists used the source of life, water, and the “ponds” as the central idea. The work converts water and ripples into a metaphor for activities in the natural environment and the dynamics of living beings. It translates natural phenomena into electronic signals to interpret the organic interaction and symbiosis within nature. The design of the interactive system views the work as a vehicle, which carries signals within the space. When there are changes introduced by the existence of people and the environment, signals are sent to the light system, which transforms signals into lighting effects. As a result, activities in the space that are not easily detected become a technological way to observe, portray, and question the natural environment through the translation of the work