︎ 2023
︎ board game, protocol
︎ the Netherlands

In the construct of measured time, I navigate a departure from routine using the simple act of walking as a disruptor. My board game project, a curated protocol, employs clay-based dice-like rocks and the concept of "UNIX TIME" to introduce randomness, breaking free from the 24-hour norm. Dictated by these dice, each walk involves holding and rubbing the stone, leaving tangible imprints—a time crack—in my daily life.

The goal is to carve a parallel temporal dimension, a blank canvas of time that acts as a reminder and reconstructor of my position within daily routines.

Inspired by the allure of labyrinths, the project diverges from mazes, focusing on the meditative process of walking and the unique temporal experiences they offer.

(Note: UNIX TIME, a decimal numeric value from computer science, represents seconds elapsed since January 1, 1970, providing a standardized measure for time intervals in computing.)