Beyond Utility: Exploring Aesthetic Dimensions in Aluminum Extrusion Through Experimental Research

︎ 2023
︎ aluminum extrusion
︎ Ming-Chun Chiang, Christian Scenini
︎ the Netherlands

In collaboration with Christian, this research explores the transformative potential of Aluminum Extrusion, a ubiquitous material in our living spaces. Shifting from its utilitarian roots, our focus lies in redefining perceptions and functionality. We dissect the extrusion profile, experimenting with unconventional forms like biscuits, offering a multisensory experience. Through an investigation into the standardized manufacturing process, we challenge norms by deconstructing functional objects, revealing underlying standards. Our goal is to break away from conventional paradigms and expose alternative meanings, presenting overlooked beauty in ordinary life. Unfamiliarity with extrusion profiles prompted novel spatial perceptions. Motivated by intricate patterns, often dismissed, we aim to showcase them as alternative aesthetic expressions. Despite challenges in sourcing affordable extrusions, our research stands as a testament to the unconventional beauty embedded in Aluminum Extrusion, reshaping how we perceive and appreciate this seemingly ordinary material.

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